Ari Lieberman: Campus Jewish Groups Stand with SJP Anti-Semites

On Sunday, posters linking the notorious student group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) with Jew-hatred and acts of Palestinian brutality were found posted at several locations on the UCLA campus, as well as other campuses nationally. The posters were removed by campus police and some students.

One poster depicted the body of a lifeless Palestinian civilian being dragged through the streets of Gaza by Hamas operatives while tethered to a motorcycle. Another depicted a bound and hooded Palestinian on his knees, flanked by AK-47-toting Hamas terrorists, just moments away from his summary execution. The name “Students for Justice in Palestine” featured prominently on the posters, along with the fitting hashtag, #JewHaters.

The poster campaign was spearheaded by the intrepid David Horowitz, who, in an interview with the, assumed full responsibility. Horowitz was motivated by a desire “to raise awareness of the epidemic of Jew hatred on college campuses, like at UCLA.” Sadly, however, political correctness trumped moral fortitude and the campaign to highlight the Jew-hating linkage between Hamas and the SJP was greeted with shameful condemnation by various Jewish and pro-Israel groups.

Make no mistake, the SJP is a disreputable campus hate group that has expressed support for Hamas and other notorious terrorist organizations. Its mantra is, “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free,” leaving little doubt about the group’s pernicious objectives and desire to perpetrate a second Holocaust. SJP is vocal and active throughout college campuses in the United States and has devised various malevolent schemes to defame and malign Israel, the Mideast’s only democracy.

One such scheme involved issuing false eviction notices to students just before final exams. On other occasions, the SJP disrupted pro-Israel events – AMCHA lists 40 such examples on its website – but had the audacity to complain when pro-Israel activists quietly took notes and un-intrusively disseminated flyers at an SJP propaganda event held in Brooklyn CollegeThe SJP also hassled Jewish members of the UCLA student government because of their alleged sponsored trips to Israel. 

Jewish students at UCLA and other campuses where the SJP is active are subjected to daily harassment and systematic campaigns of intimidation and coercion. Underscoring this point is the case of Rachel Beyda, a Jewish UCLA student and judicial board nominee whose objectivity was questioned by UCLA student government members simply because she was Jewish.  

The posters, though forceful and graphic, were a fitting response to the rancid fabrications propagated by the SJP and accurately exposed them for what they are: Terrorist sympathizing Jew-haters. Unfortunately, some Jewish groups on campus, including J Street U, Bruins for Israel, Hillel and Chabbad, shamefully condemned the posters or have remained inexplicably silent in the face of their removal.

UCLA’s Daily Bruin featured a stern condemnation sponsored by the above-named groups which stated in part:

We would like to condemn the posters which were posted on campus this weekend labeling members of Students for Justice in Palestine as ‘Jew Haters.’ While we have in the past condemned speakers sponsored by SJP for their anti-Semitic rhetoric and believe the inappropriate singling out of Israel to be discriminatory, we wholeheartedly condemn these actions and the malicious intent behind them. This sort of hostility and offensive language have no place on a university campus, especially one as diverse as UCLA.

The student groups further noted that once they were made aware of the posters, they reached out to the SJP and sent volunteers to assist in efforts to remove them. “As soon as we became aware that these posters had been put up,” the statement continued, “we immediately contacted university police, reached out to SJP to express our dismay and support and even sent volunteers to take them down.”

On a more positive note, some individual UCLA students bucked the politically correct trend and expressed open support for the poster campaign. Pardes Seleh, a junior at UCLA, noted that she “support[s] anything that comes out and condemns SJP for what they are.” She further expressed support for the linkage between the SJP and Hamas, correctly highlighting the point that the SJP “will not condemn Hamas.” It is indeed refreshing to see that common sense still prevails among some students at UCLA.

Anti-Semitism on college campuses has reached all-time highs and this is largely due to the influence of the anti-Semitic antics of the SJP. For example, it comes as no surprise that immediately following an SJP-inspired anti-Israeli UC Davis resolution – where SJP provocateurs chanted the Muslim battle cries of “Takbir” and “Allahu Akbar” – a Jewish fraternity house was defaced with a swastika. Anyone who denies linkage between the two events is either being incredibly disingenuous or is functionally delusional.

One of SJP’s ready allies on campus is J Street, and its condemnation of the anti-SJP posters should be no surprise. J Street is one of the most active anti-Israel organizations of today. It is also perhaps the most dangerous because it masquerades as a pro-Israel group, but the reality dictates otherwise. On issues involving Iran, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, their views are consistently to the left of the Israeli Left and they’ve recently orchestrated a visceral campaign of attacks against Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which drew a stern condemnation from the left-of-center Anti-Defamation League. As for the other noted Jewish groups, their support for SJP should sadly also come as no surprise. Mainstream Jewish student organizations across the country are increasingly choosing silence — or in some cases collaboration — with those fueling the culture of rank anti-Semitism sweeping college campuses.

In 1933, Jews were stateless and powerless with little influence over events which overtook them. The world remained largely apathetic and stoic while nearly all of European Jewry was decimated and systematically eliminated by the Nazis, the ideological twins of today’s SJP and similar Islamo-fascist groups.

The Jewish people today are no longer stateless or powerless and it is incumbent upon pro-Israel groups on college campuses to expose the SJP for what they truly are — a disruptive, venomous, hate-filled group that if left unchecked, will continue to successfully propagate its poisonous anti-Semitic propaganda and impose its pernicious, fascist agenda.