David Horowitz: SJP and the Anti-SJP Posters

[Learn about the Freedom Center’s “Jew Hatred on Campus” Campaign.]

On Sunday, February 22, posters depicting Students for Justice in Palestine as a group that spreads Jew-hatred and supports terror appeared on a number of college campuses including the University of California, Los Angeles. SJP has accused the posters of constituting hate speech, specifically of being “Islamophobic” and “anti-Arab.” This is a typical SJP deception since the posters say nothing about Islam or Arabs. The core of SJP’s response is equally fictional:

These posters are a clear example of hate speech directed against Students for Justice in Palestine, as well as supporters of Palestinian freedom and equality. They rely on Islamophobic and anti-Arab tropes to paint Palestinians as terrorists and to misrepresent Students for Justice in Palestine as anti-Semitic. It hardly bears repeating that SJP at UCLA is an organization that prides itself on its opposition to all forms of racism and bigotry, and which is open to and promotes the membership of students from all walks of life.

On the contrary, SJP at UCLA and on campuses across the country is a hate group that targets Jews and their supporters, spreads lies about the Jewish state and calls for its destruction — an act of genocide.

Does SJP-UCLA support terror? It supports the terrorist governments of the West Bank and Gaza whose explicit goal is the destruction of the Jewish state and whose terrorist armies target Jewish civilians solely because they are Jews.

Is SJP an organization that fights for “justice in Palestine”? Hardly. The oppression of Palestinians by the corrupt, terrorist governments of the West Bank and Gaza, is never a subject of SJP protests and propaganda. Only the Jews.

When all is said and done, SJP is built on the big lie that Israel “occupies” Palestinian land, and therefore is an illegitimate state, and therefore should be destroyed. The facts are quite different. Israel was created in the same way the Arab states of Jordan, Syria and Lebanon were created – out of land that belonged to the Turks (who are not Arabs) for more than 400 years. American Indians have a greater claim on the United States than Arabs do on either Israel, or the West Bank, or Gaza.

For nearly seventy years the Arabs have waged a war of aggression against the state of Israel. SJP is the spearhead of that aggression on American campuses. As a hate group its activities violate UCLA’s rules of community behavior. Its campus privileges should be removed.