News From the Front

December 2011 | Volume 13 | Issue 4

We are supposed to be entering the season of giving. But  instead  we  seem  to  be  mired  in  a  season  of taking  away.  The current administration has taken away our economic dynamism, our preeminent position in the world, and our personal freedom—including the freedom not to buy tainted products like Obamacare.  The President said that he intended to radically transform America. And he is doing it. The nation we were born into is starting to look like a foreign country...

The Freedom Center is a non-profit.  We don’t  campaign,  and  we  can’t  endorse candidates  or  tell  anyone  how  to  vote  on legislation.  But  what  we  can  do,  and  do better  than  any  organization  out  there  is sound  the  alarm  and  go  to  battle  stations. We educate our citizens about the destructive polices that threaten our liberties and freedoms. We’re also unique  in  that we are willing  and  able  to  fight  back  against  the Left’s  advances  in  what  often  amounts  to hand  to  hand  combat. We’ve made  it  clear that  the  Left—whether  it  is  in  the  White House or trying to occupy Wall Street – will succeed  in  its malicious plans only over our dead body.

We  can  only  do  this  work  because  of  the generous  support  we  have  received  from individuals  such as you. Your investment—which, in effect, passes us the ammunition to continue the fight—is not just for today, but for the future of America, for our children and grandchildren. Supporting us is an act of faith  in  our  joint  ability  to  help America become America again, a place governed by individuals  who  recognize  that  it  is  an exceptional nation, not by  those who want to change it beyond recognition.

The Left has been on the march over the last three years.  How bold it has grown, with support from the administration, can be seen in its current effort to occupy all our major cities and create “liberated zones” of crime, degeneracy and chaos.  The only thing growing, besides the Left, is the federal government. The transfer of power from the people  to  a malicious  bureaucracy—as  seen in  the  power  of  the  czars, Obamacare,  the EPA, and  the sadistic TSA gropers who will make  our  holiday  travel  a  nightmare—is killing the American spirit.

A lot of organizations put out great policy papers.  For that matter, we do too.  Our pamphlets  on  subjects  such  as  the  Islamist jihad on our college campuses or on how the radical  politics  of  Saul  Alinsky  have  been adopted  as  a  blueprint  by  the  Obama administration have had a significant impact.

But as I’ve said before, the Freedom Center is not a think tank; it’s a battle tank. We don’t just have ideas; we use ideas to defend our country.  And  the  degree  to  which  we  are succeeding can be seen in the fact that I have to take a security guard with me whenever I speak  in  front  of  a  university  audience. This is because the Freedom Center is the Left’s worst nightmare.  Radicals would do anything up to and including acts of physical violence to silence us.

I can ask for your continued support because I know that you’ve gotten a good bang for your buck in the past.  Think of what the Freedom Center has achieved over the last year:

  • Freedom Center Fights to Stop the Obama Agenda We  have  distributed over  1.7  MILLION copies  of  Obama’s Rules  for  Revolution: The  Alinsky  Model. This  pamphlet  has helped educate millions of  Americans,  the media,  public  officials about how the guru of the  Sixties  Left  (who  formulated  a blueprint  for  the  process  by  which radicalism  can  methodically  take  power) has a fan and admirer in the White House.
  • We have published other groundbreaking pamphlets about the hidden agenda of our President, including Obama and Islam and Obama and the War Against the Jews. We have also produced works that have had an impact  in  the  university,  including  Stolen History, a work revealing the way in which Palestinians,  enabled  by  leftwing Western anthropologists,  archaeologists,  and Biblical  scholars have attempt  to  erase all evidence of  an  ancient  Jewish presence  in the  Middle  East,  and  Islamophobia,  an analysis of  the current effort  to make any criticism  of  Islam  and  Islamists  into  a thought crime.
  • Over the past year , we continued our fight against  campus  supporters  of  terrorist groups  like Hamas,  including  the Muslim Students  Association  (an  arm  of  the Muslim  Brotherhood  and  a  sister organization  of Hamas)  and  Students  for Justice in Palestine (a group of pro-Hamas, anti-Israel,  and  anti-American  leftists), along  with  assorted  other  radical  groups that  are  part  of  the  “unholy  alliance” between  the  hardcore  Left  and  the advocates for Islamic extremism.

We have stepped up our defense of Israel, recognizing  that  this  small,  beleaguered country  is  the  miner’s  canary  for democracy  itself.  When  pro  Palestinian groups  put  up  anti  Israel  advertisements on  buses  in  Seattle,  we  answered  with advertisements  supporting  Israel  and denouncing  these  groups’  bigotry. When campus  radicals  held  “Israel  Apartheid Weeks,”  we  worked  with  conservative students  on  a  “Wall  of  Lies”  campaign that exposed the hatred and distortion of the radicals’ position.

We have updated and expanded Discover the Networks, our encyclopedic data base on “the vast leftwing conspiracy” which is now  a  vital  daily  research  tool  for producers  for  Glenn  Beck,  Bill O’Reilly, members  of  Congress  and  many journalists.

We  have  beefed  up  FrontPage Magazine,  our  news  website, with  a  team  of  new  writers, including  the  likes of Raymond  Ibrahim, Bruce Mark  Tapson,   Daniel Greenfield, and Ben Shapiro. National voices such as Bruce  Thornton  and  Bruce  Bawer  are regular  columnists who now write about the  growing  conflict  in  the Middle  East, the  threat  to  Israel and  the march of  the Left here at home.

Our legal arm, the Individual Rights Foundation has joined forces on behalf of Arizona and its immigration law SB 1070.  We also will continue to fight on behalf of the Boy Scouts.

Over  the  next  12  months  we  will publish  a  series  of  pamphlets  on  the radical  Leftist  takeover  of  the  nations Unions,  the  thuggish  and  communist ties  of  the  Occupy  Wall  Street movement. My new book to be released next Spring deals with the massive “Left Wing  Money  Machine”  and  how philanthropy  has  become  almost completely dominated by the Left. Our colleague at Jihad, Robert Spencer, has a series of pamphlets in the works as well as a new book on roots of Islam.

With your help, we will continue to make a difference in the coming year in the fight to bring  academic  reform  and  intellectual integrity to our universities; in our effort to educate students and the general populace about  the  dangers  of  radical  Islam,  and about  the  importance,  at  this  critical juncture  in  our  history,  of  restoring American  values  and  supporting  free speech and free institutions.

The  Freedom Center’s  uniqueness  as  an organization  comes  from  its  ability  to comprehend  the  Left’s  agenda  and  to confront  it  in  the  political  and  cultural arenas.  We know that conservatives will never prevail in the culture war if they do not have an army in the field.   We have willingly taken on the role of vanguard for that army.

Because of your loyal backing of our past battles, I ask you to help us by making a generous year end gift.  Times are tough because  of  the  Obama  administration’s disastrous economic moves, but the next 12  months  will  be  crucial  for  our country. We  now  stand  at  a  crossroads where  the  battle  for  our  future will  be won  or  lost.    That’s  why  I  ask  you  to make  an  investment  in  the  Center ,  an investment in victory.

America’s fate is in the balance. There is no time to lose.  Please stand with us again.


David Horowitz