December Newsletter

It is that time of year when we begin to think of holiday cheer and peace on earth. We at the Freedom Center share these dreams of a better world and good will toward mankind.

But we know too that lasting peace comes only through superior firepower—in ideas as much as in military weaponry. And so, as we look back at the national election just concluded and forward to what it means for the American future, we are doing what we do best—preparing to fight for the heart and soul of our country and for the ideals that have made it such an exceptional nation.

We have heard a lot during the past couple of weeks about how America is now a divided country that will never come together again. It is true that half of the electorate holds fast to traditional values and says no to policies leading to bankruptcy at home and defeat abroad. But to believe that the other half has turned its back forever on our national values would be to sell them and our country short.

It would also be selling short those of us who are willing to confront the left and defend America and what it has always meant for the world. We must redouble our efforts to educate more Americans about the threats from the left which now more than ever menace our liberty and national security. We must win them to our side. This is not only our mission. It is our reason for being.

Our uniqueness as an organization comes from the fact that we know the left and know how to fight against it—whether it’s in our university classrooms or in the White House. This much I can promise: the left will succeed in its malicious plans for the future only over the Freedom Center’s dead body!

I can make such a commitment only because I know that you’re willing to provide the ammunition so that we can fight the battles that lie ahead.

Investing in the Freedom Center is an act of faith. It shows that you believe that together we can win the war of ideas that will allow America to be America again after all the efforts of the left over these past few years to make it into a foreign country we hardly recognize as our own.

It is Paul Revere time; a time to take stock of what we have to do to save our country. We know who the enemy is. It is the leftist media and educational system; architects of the socialist policies that target our capitalist economic system and our democratic politics; those who would weaken Israel and make sure the U.S. only “leads from behind.” It is the Islamists and their progressive allies who want to silence our free speech by reviving “anti blasphemy” laws that prohibit criticism of the barbarities they commit around the world on a daily basis. It is those in our government who have allowed the Iranian mullahs to pursue their dream of a mushroom cloud blooming over Israeli cities, and have covered up the truth about why a U.S. ambassador and the men who tried to save him were murdered by terrorists in Benghazi.

It is because we know who America’s enemies are and what they want that the Freedom Center is the Left’s worst nightmare. Radicals would do anything to shut us up, including threats of physical violence. (I still have to be accompanied by a security guard when I speak on campus.) But as long as we have your support, we don’t worry about any of that. We will continue doing what we do best— disseminating ideas that matter; turning these ideas into campaigns that change minds on campus, in the media and with sympathetic politicians; revealing the hatred of America that lies deep in the heart of the Left and doing everything possible to block its sinister agenda.

It is because you have helped us before that I ask you again for a generous, tax deductible year-end gift to the Freedom Center. What we have accomplished over the past year gave you a good return on your money. An organization far larger than ours would be proud to have a fraction of the Freedom Center’s achievements in 2012:

• As the consequences of the current administration’s incoherent policies in the Middle East became clear—a windfall for the Muslim Brotherhood and terror groups and an increase in Israel’s threat level - we bulked up our team of experts on the jihad. It already included experts such as Robert Spencer, Bruce Bawer. We added Caroline Glick as Director of our Israel Security Project. (Caroline is a senior editor of the Jerusalem Post and former foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.) And also Andrew McCarthy as Director of our Philadelphia Freedom Center. Andy was the Justice Department Attorney who prosecuted the “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel Rahman after the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993 and has become one of the most knowledgeable and uncompromising critics of the jihadists among us in best selling books such as The Grand Jihad: How Islam and Left Sabotage America.

• We turned the tables on campus supporters of Hamas and other terror groups. For years these groups—the Muslim Students Association, Students for Justice in Palestine, etc.—have staged annual hate-athons called “Israel Apartheid Weeks” which claim, among other things, that Israel is an “apartheid state” similar to South Africa thirty years ago. Working with conservative student groups, we staged a series of “Islamic Apartheid” conferences at Temple University and elsewhere this year which showed that it is in the Islamic world where there is real apartheid - for women who are subjected to systematic oppression, including genital mutilation; for homosexuals who are hunted down and murdered; and for Christians who are treated as “infidels” and stripped of citizenship rights.

• We published a series of groundbreaking pamphlets and distributed over 1,000,000 of them to members of the media and on campuses across the country. Among the most influential were Ten Reasons to Impeach Eric Holder, written by whistleblower J. Christian Adams, who once worked with Holder at the Justice Department. It came out at a time when the “Fast and Furious” scandal was developing and showed how the Attorney General’s policies have endangered national security, undermined the integrity of our elections, and injected race into a government agency that is supposed to be colorblind. Matthew Vadum’s Government Unions: How They Rob the Taxpayer, Terrorize Workers and Threaten Our Democracy was published just after the recall in Wisconsin and documented the public service unions’ corruption, thuggery and political radicalism. And in Government Versus The People, John Perazzo and I give chapter and verse on how policies put forward by “progressives” inflicts damage on America’s poor and minorities on a scale that is beyond imagination.

• Freedom Center writers also produced a blog and several widely reviewed and influential books. I brought out The New Leviathan, which shows how the web of charities and political organizations assembled by the left has raised a small fortune and used it to shape the future of American politics.

I also published Radicals, a series of portraits of leftists such as Christopher Hitchens and Cornel West that shows the personal and political pathology of leftwing thinking.

Meanwhile my longtime writing partner, Peter Collier, published Political Woman: The Big Little Life of Jeane Kirkpatrick, the first biography of the fearless woman who took the “Kick Me” sign off the back of the U.S. delegation at the UN and whose assault on Soviet totalitarianism made her the courage of Ronald Reagan’s convictions. And in his brilliant work Spring Fever, Andrew McCarthy tells how the small band of reformers initially behind the “Arab Spring” lost out to those who believe that “freedom” means total submission to Allah and his law of Sharia and how this Pandora’s Box in Egypt was opened with the help of an American administration that aligned itself with a movement, the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal is to destroy America.

• We beefed up FrontPage Magazine, our news website, by adding, “The Point,” written by Daniel Greenfield that keeps a close eye on breaking news in the Middle East, Israel, and here at home. “The Point,” has increased traffic on the site by over ten percent in a few short months. We also expanded Discover the Networks, our encyclopedic data base on the “vast leftwing conspiracy,” with a new and detailed sections discussing, among other things, how the policies of the socialist left, under the banner of “social justice,” has inflicted catastrophe in the form of poverty, criminality, violence and murder, on countless millions of people.

2013 will be a crucial year because the Left thinks it has won now and that the opposition has been silenced. With your help, we will show leftists on campuses, in public service unions and in government, how wrong they are. Take this letter as our pledge that we are re-enlisting for the fight ahead.

Because you have gone to war with us in the past, I ask you to help us keep fighting the good fight in the year ahead. We stand at a crossroads where the final battle for the American future will be fought. The investment you make in the Freedom Center will not be an investment in defensive maneuvering. We are going on offense. Your investment in us will be an investment in victory.

Please give us your support. It may seem like it is midnight in America right now. But the light will return if we come to the aid of the country.


David Horowitz Founder/CEO