The David Horowitz Freedom Center has officially launched a campaign called "Stop the Jihad on Campus." During the coming fall term, from October 26- November 6, 2015, the Freedom Center will be holding a series of  "teach-ins" to raise student awareness about Islamic jihad, and to combat the pro-terrorist propaganda of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood which has become such a familiar presence on American campuses.

The campaign invites students who believe in our Constitution and who are opposed to the genocides taking place in the Middle East against Christians Jews, and Muslims who don’t support jihad to participate by holding a teach-in on your campus to tell the truth about what is happening in the Middle East and to expose the threat to Americans here at home.

The campaign's mission reads, in part:

The time to confront the agents and supporters of Islamic terrorism on American campuses is now. Our demands are:

Join us in a series of teach-ins this fall called “Stop the Jihad on Campus” whose purpose is to raise student awareness and combat the pro-terrorist propaganda on American campuses.  The time has come to end the use of our  universities as staging grounds for campaigns of hatred aimed at the Jews and  Christians of the Middle East and at America itself.  The time has come to stop the jihad on campus.

The launch features a damning article today titled, "10 Top American Universities Most Friendly to Terrorists." Check it out here to find out which schools made the list, and be sure to explore the Stop the Jihad on Campus site here.