Sonnie Johnson: A Change the Game Constitution Day

When Progressives seek out a target to destroy, it's always critical to examine the subject of their ire. When a document draws their vengeance, read and re-read the document often.

Happy Constitution Day from Change the Game...

With the Change the Game attitude in full effect, let's take a little look at the Bill of Rights and how it's effecting the news stories of the day.

1st Amendment - Oh, we could talk about a myriad of questionable offenses by our government in the area of religion, press freedoms, and the right to petition the government for a redress of our grievances. But of course, we're going to talk Hip Hop.

Happy Constitution Day Kanye West...

Now, I know how most conservatives feel about Kanye West. Every time he opens his mouth something offensive comes spilling out. Guess what, that's all covered under the First Amendment. Do you know how many people find Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Rush Limbaugh offensive?

Kayne West has the right to tell the crowd to get on their feet. He has the right to look like a jackass when addressing patrons with prosthetics and wheelchairs. Kira Davis also has the right to call Kayne West a douche on twitter.

Lesson: People are allowed to be stupid, mean and rude. The answer isn't to try and silence speech. The answer is always more speech. Just remember...your Rush Limbaugh is somebody else's Kayne West.

2nd Amendment - Did You Know? The first gun laws were written to prevent blacks in the South from protecting themselves from the KKK? That's a fun fact but not really relevant today. Could you imagine a bunch off KKK members dawning their sheets in a black community?

Un-Happy Constitution Day to Shaneen Allen and Marissa Alexander

Shaneen Allen had a concealed carry permit from Pennsylvania. She had been robbed before and bought a .380 Bersa Thunder handgun to protect herself and her children. Allen was stopped in NJ on minor traffic violation and informed the police officer she was in possession of a firearm. She had her children taken away and is now facing a mandatory minimum of three years in jail. 

Marissa Alexander is facing 60 years in a Florida prison for firing a warning shot at her husband. Days after giving birth, Alexander's husband accused her of having an affair and questioned if her recently delivered baby was biologically his. Alexander locked herself in a bathroom. Her husband broke down the door. After he threatened to kill her, Alexander fired a shot to scare her husband away. I guess if he were a NFL player she would be the victim and not sitting in jail.

Lesson: Progressives will always showcase people like James Holmes, Adam Lanza, and the Columbine shooters to pass gun control laws, just as KKK members pointed to violent blacks in order to get the first gun laws passed. In the end, innocent people are the ones hurt by Progressive's refusal to understand, 'Shall Not Be Infringed.'

4th Amendment- DANGER! DANGER! Wake Up, America. The NSA is collecting data on the American people and they aren't worried about obtaining a warrant. This generation of Americans are being trained to not expect privacy, in any aspect of their lives.

Progressives don't need access to everything instantly, after all they are progressive; one step at a time. When given unfettered access to your digital footprint, it's only a natural progression towards your physical possessions. They will use terror, climate change, and internal civil unrest to frighten the American people into giving up their 4th amendment rights.

Lesson: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." ~ Ben Franklin

5th Amendment- There isn't even a smidgen of corruption in the IRS. That's why Lois Lerner is refusing to testify to a House committee about her role in the IRS scandal. She has nothing to hide and that's the reason she refuses to talk. At least if you let Barack Obama tell you the story of the IRS.

Lois Lerner has every right not to incriminate herself in a court of law. Anything she says in front of Congress can be used against her in criminal proceedings, unless she is given immunity for her role in the scandal. This is the Constitution working properly...even if you wish Congress would force her to speak.

Lesson: You can't just love the Constitution when it's protecting your rights, The Constitution is meant to protect "We, The People." Lois Lerner, like it or not, is apart of "We, The People," and her rights must be protected and defended.

6th Amendment - Stepping my toe into the deep end of the pool...Let's talk about Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. As of now, the fate of Darren Wilson is in the hands of the Missouri Grand Jury. We aren't going to focus on the case, we are going to focus on the jury. More like, how the jury is selected.

To select a jury, the court pulls from a random group of REGISTERED VOTERS and people with DRIVER'S LICENSES/STATE ID'S. This is how they select a jury of your peers. If you want to double the odds of getting on a jury and assuring that justice is done in your community; register to vote and obtain a license or state issued ID. But most importantly, you have to answer the summons if it lands in your mailbox.

Lesson: Being a registered voter with a valid ID isn't a burden. It puts you in the same league as the rest of your American peers. It gives you influence over the conviction or exoneration of men like Darren Wilson.

8th Amendment- Can anything get more cruel and unusual than the actions of ISIS in the Middle East? Christians in America need to wake up. These Islamic terrorists have promised to bringSharia law to America. The 8th Amendment and Sharia law can not co-exist.

The ISIS terrorist have given a choice to Christians in Iraq and Syria; convert to Islam and pay a tax or die. They are raping womenkilling children, and slaughtering any ethnic population that refuses to live under their brutality. We have a completely different threshold for brutality in America. But I'm guessing seeing tanks roll down an American street to police American citizens could come close to crossing the American "unusual" threshold.

Lesson: The people with the guns and the heart to use them often define what is cruel and unusual punishment. For Islam, they will cut off your head because it brings them closer to Allah. For an ever growing and expanding federal and local police state, the leftovers of war means new toys to play with.

9th Amendment - Drugs are illegal because a group of politicians decided they should be illegal. Then those same politicians gave permission to medical companies to produce "legal" drugs. Bureaucrats are placed in charge of discerning what drug is "legal" and which is "illegal".

Since the use of drugs is a personal decision, your drug of choice shouldn't define your criminality. More and more states legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, but possession of weed is still a federal offense. Someone buying Vicodin for $20 a pill wouldn't catch a second glance.

Lesson: If "We, The People" allow politicians to make laws outside of those stated in the Constitution, we are inviting them to have undue influence over our lives. The rights not mentioned in the Constitution are reserved for the people, not the politicians and bureaucrats.

10th Amendment - North or South? repping the Union or the Confederacy? What's your set, fool? Any conversation about the 10th amendment is instantly brought into the spectrum of slavery. You are correct. Confederates (those that would go on to form the Democrat party), did use the 10th amendment to try to keep slavery in the South. Then there was this pesky little thing called the 13th amendment that abolished slavery in America.

In reality, the desire to destroy the 10th amendment is about Federal usurpation of power. When Eric Holder sues a states that wants to shape its own voting policy, when the EPA wants to tell states what they can and can't do with their water supply, and when HHS tells states what kind of insurance can and can not be issued; this is the federal government crushing the 10th amendment.

Simply, the Constitution is still alive and active in all facets of American life. We think that it plays no part in our personal lives, but in reality, every new law and restriction not routed in the Constitution moves us one step further to losing all of our rights. Through legislation, regulation, and public empathy, we are letting the greatest document ever written be torn to shreds.

If you don't understand the context of the stories, then take some time and read the Constitutiontoday. These are the rights that protect your life, liberty, property and your pursuit of happniess, you should know them in and out of context.