Sonnie Johnson: Dear Self-Righteous Right Wing

Dear Self-Righteous Right Wing...

I usually don't read the comments people post on my work. I say what the hell I want to say and that is that. With the launch of Change the Game, I've been forced to face the reality and ignorance of some of the people who claim to love Liberty and Freedom.

You people always want to talk about what black people don't know. You are quick to call the black community ignorant and dismiss anything that doesn't fit in your perspective of a token black person. You are no different than Harry Reid with his "light skinned, no negro dialect" comments.


And you are half the reason I started Change the Game...Communication is a two way street.  In addition to introducing black America to conservative principles and what they really mean, Change the Game is also designed to help conservatives connect with the youth of the Hip Hop generation.  I created Change the Game to bridge the generational gap.

I love Ayn Rand. My favorite quote from her is, "The question isn't who's going to let me. It's who's going to stop me." I want you to understand this. I mean really get a grasp of what it means.

Black people are being introduced to conservative principles through my voice. I am doing what you people thought was impossible and I will not tolerate you ruining it. When a black person reads my articles and connects with what I am saying, they are then forced to read your ignorant comments. They read how their culture will never be accepted on the right.  They read how people who have shared their joys and pains through song and verse are less than acceptable Americans.  They read the constant bashing and criticizing those that have sinned and seek redemption.  Then instead of researching and trying to change, they give up.

You are messing with my progress...

God doesn't make mistakes when he chooses people to speak. I've prayed for a calm tongue, but God obviously isn't finished with me yet. Or I'm made perfect because the battle against your ignorance is just as large as the battle with progressive ignorance.

I don't want you to like Hip Hop. This project isn't about you. You know how they talk about that white privilege thing...this is what they mean. I don't want to save the gated communities of America. I'm not looking to join the country club. None of this has anything to do with you...

But, if I'm a true conservative, then I'd care about your opinion. I would value your opinion over my own prayers, my own reflection, and my destiny. Have you lost your damn mind? I have been gracious for years. When people tell me about something someone said in the comments I blow it off...not this time.

I am a formidable adversary. This is a warning. I don't play well with Pharisees. Throughout the Bible, Jesus only showed anger a very few times...always in the presence of Pharisees. Where he showed the sinners love, Jesus also taught Pharisees a lesson in humility. If forced, I will turn over tables to humble you.

"I'm not a conservative because of you (referring to the crowd)...I probably wouldn't even like half of you. I'm a conservative because the principles work." Kira Davis said those words in front of a Tea Party crowd and I gave her a standing ovation. I see why black people are repelled by the conservative movement.

Here's the deal...This is my tent. I didn't build it for you. It's not meant for you. It's meant for "We, the People". All of us. We just happen to have Hip Hop playing in the background and a spades table with a line of people waiting to play the winners. There is fried chicken, BBQ ribs, collards greens, candied yams, macaroni and cheese, and buttermilk biscuits. We are all legally armed and shoot straight. We have careers, families, and community responsibilities and still find the time to advocate for conservative principles.

You are insulting them...the people I've invited to stand under my tent and it is unacceptable. My job is to defend them and it's one job I will not fail at completing. Your self-righteous attitude has become a blip on my radar. You now have my attention.

These words may appear to be spoken out of anger. Trust me, they are not. These are words of Blessed Assurance. This is four years of learning lessons the hard way. When you open your mouths and allow foolishness to flow out, black America looks at me to defend you. Instead of talking about things that matter, I have to convince those people that everyone in the conservative movement isn't like you. least that's the way the game used to be played. I believe in free speech. I mean, I am such a fan of free speech, I encourage you to continue commenting and letting your opinion be heard. Just understand, the answer to speech you don't more speech and I'm very good at shaping the argument. I'll just aim those arguments at you.