Sonnie Johnson: Malcolm X Calls Out Black Political Chumps

In one of his most famous speeches, The bullet or the ballot, Malcolm X gave the definition of a political chump…

Today, blacks want to lift up the legacy of Malcolm X but ignore his words.  Anyone that would dare say anything negative about the Democrat party is an Uncle Tom, sellout, or a dancing chimp. No, we are Malcolm X conservatives when it comes to holding political parties accountable for their false promises. Those that turn their eyes blindly towards political loyalty are Malcolm X’s definition of political chumps.

It’s unfortunate black Americans didn’t heed Malcolm X’s warning in the 1960’s. It’s down right tragic we still ignore them today. But it’s heartbreaking we don’t have a Malcolm X that speaks with no regret in this generation.

We look to politicians to solve the problems in the black community. When the problems aren’t solved, we just throw our hands in the air and pretend we have no recourse. It’s time we understand we are no political chumps.

While Change the Game is steadfast in our belief of the 2nd Amendment, we also understand there is a need to make a change at the ballot box as well.  If you think there are too many laws and those laws create too many criminals, show your opinion by voting against advocates of laws that constrain behavior (Progressives). If you think the police force is aggressive and violent towards its citizens, why are you voting for laws that would restrict a citizens’ right to protect themselves (Progressives)? If you know your public schools are failing your children, why are you voting for those that would prevent choice (Progressives)?

We have been taught our vote doesn’t matter…until, of course, the presidential elections roll around.  Then they can’t get you to register to vote fast enough. Where is the push to register voters for City Council, police chief, or school board member elections?  These are the areas of locally concentrated complaint, yet we have no influence in these areas.

We have a black President in the White House and nothing is changing in the black community. It’s not Barack Obama’s fault. He is a politician that told you what you wanted to hear to get elected. It’s black America’s fault if we refuse to hold the Democrat party and their candidates accountable for their broken promises. Is this the black America filled with political chumps Malcolm X warned us about…or are we the generation that Changes the Game at the ballot box so the bullet is never needed?