The Cyber Attack on Frontpage

You may have noticed that our site is still under cyber-attack from computers based in Iran and Iraq causing delays in loading

It’s no accident that cyber attackers from Iran and Iraq would be involved. We are one of the few online news services that has torn the cover off of Iran’s hypocrisy and dishonesty in its nuclear dealings with the U.S. — and its underhanded actions on behalf of its client Shi’ite regime in Baghdad. We have also exposed the full and gruesome extent of the devastation wrought by the Islamic State that occupies so much of Iraq. And we do not hesitate, like our media and higher literary culture do, in unveiling Barack Obama’s weakness and treachery in the face of these dire threats.

There’s little doubt that this cyber-attack was launched by our enemies because we are telling the truth about them and their minions — and that sends them into unassuageable hatred and rage.

The attack on Frontpage began on the morning of March 24 at approximately 6:35AM. It consisted of several computers/servers pinging our website with so many requests that our system was overloaded and the site shut down. At this stage, the problem has been fixed, but we are migrating the site to a new server and this process will cause some delays in accessing the site. When the process is complete (within 24-48 hours) the delay issues should be resolved.

We appreciate your patience.

It is surely no coincidence that this attack on FrontPage has also come just as the David Horowitz Freedom Center launched its new JewHatredOnCampusAwareness campaign to confront the Jew-Hatred that is running rampant in America’s universities. Our chief target is Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a terrorist-supporting organization and Muslim Brotherhood front group that supports Hamas and the destruction of the Jewish State and the extermination of the Jewish people.

Our campaign is taking the battle to campuses across the country and it has received extensive media coverage — reaching over 100 million readers through sites like the International Business Times and Newsmax reporting on our campus campaign, along with myriad newspaper and campus press accounts. David Horowitz and Ben Shapiro are preparing to speak at campuses across the country. We have panels, film showings and poster campaigns planned for 20 or more campuses and are working on others.

The cyber-attack has revealed how effective we are at FrontPage in getting the truth out – the truth that most media outlets these days are afraid to tell.

The enemies of freedom are afraid of us — and they should be.