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  • The Black Book of The American Left: Volume I


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    The basic facts of  David Horowitz’s political odyssey, one of the most significant of the last forty years, are well known.  A “red diaper baby” who grew up in what he has called the ghetto of communism, he became a leading Marxist “theorist” in the early 1960s and one of the godfathers of the New Left.  But following America’s defeat in Vietnam, Horowitz  began to reevaluate the damage those commitments had done to the country.


    The Black Book of the American Left is the result of that concerted intellectual effort. It collects all of  Horowitz’s conservative writings over the last thirty years—at once a sharp incision to the heart of the Left’s agenda; an exploration of routes conservatives might take in response to their permanent assault on America; and a unique trip log showing the evolving intellectual journey of one of our bravest and most original thinkers.


    In Volume I of these writings, My Life And Times, Horowitz reflects on the years he spent at war with his own country collaborating with and confronting radical figures like Huey Newton, Tom Hayden and Billy Ayers, as he made his transition from what the write Paul Berman described as the American Left’s “most important theorist” to its most determined enemy.

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  • David Horowitz's Speech to High School Students at the Reagan Ranch

    David recently spoke to high school students at a Young America's Foundation conference at the Reagan Ranch Center in Santa Barbara. Share this important speech with any high schoolers or college students you know.

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  • "The Threat We Face" by David Horowitz

    Below is a speech given by David Horowitz at the Kohler conference of the Bradley Foundation. It has been revised and edited for publication as an article.


    I was born at the beginning of the Second World War into a family of high school teachers who were members of the Communist Party, and therefore were actually part of a vast conspiracy dedicated to the destruction of this country, although they would never have looked at it that way, and so-called liberals would be the first to deny it.

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  • Truth Revolt is Now Live!

    Today, the David Horowitz Freedom Center is launching TruthRevolt, a much-needed campaign to expose the hypocrisies and mendacities of the leftwing media. A brainchild of Ben Shapiro, TruthRevolt is a groundbreaking initiative to engage in investigative journalism about the leftwing media figures who produce radical ideology masquerading as “news” and feed it to the American public as objective journalism. 


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  • Obama's War On The Young

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    In “Obama’s War on the Young,”  DiscovertheNetworks’ editor John Perazzo documents how badly young people aged 18-29, the President’s most enthusiastic demographic in his two elections, have been hurt by the agendas and philosophy of this administration.

    Perazzo shows how this administration’s massive expansion of the national debt lays a crushing burden on young people who are going to be responsible for paying it. Obama’s dead economy has already brought about youth-unemployment levels exceeding anything we have witnessed in more than half a century. The crushing costs and substandard medicine associated with Obamacare will diminish young people’s quality of life for generations to come.

    In higher education—the place where young people live—Obama has placed the federal government in charge of the student-loan industry, thereby causing both tuition costs and student debt levels to rise dramatically despite proposed “reforms.”  And finally, on the international stage, Obama’s policies of appeasement and retreat have allowed the Islamic jihad to go on the offensive, which means that young people will be fighting wars of survival tomorrow that could have been won today.

    Young people have been mugged by Obama’s policies.  They may have called for ”hope” and “change” when helping elect him, but under his governance they have received a mortgage on their future they’ll spend a lifetime paying off.

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